The Future
of eco-friendly
Customised & Sustainable Moulded Eco-Fibre Packaging
Embrace the future of quality packaging sustainability with Oxypac, the eco-friendly, customisable, and durable alternative to single-use plastic, foam, and cardboard.
Concerned Residents in Australia
A significant majority are alarmed by the detrimental effects of single-use packaging on the environment. The need for sustainable alternatives to plastic and foam has never been more pressing.

This significant percentage might be your customer base. It’s time for a better plastic and foam alternative.
introducing Oxypac’s moulded fibre packaging
Customised & Sustainable Moulded Eco-Fibre Packaging
Strength, utility and durability that’s ideal for food, medical use and product packaging
Custom-Made Sustainable Packaging by Oxypac
A Versatile Alternative to Single-Use Plastics, Foam & Cardboard
Crafted from natural, plant-based materials
Our materials are ethically sourced from farms
Complete customisation
Creating an image
Such as bamboo and sugarcane, Oxypac offers a compelling alternative to traditional single-use plastics, foam, and cardboard
This is eco-friendly packaging designed for forward-thinking businesses, created by a company that shares your values
To meet your specific needs, whether it's for food displays, takeaway orders, medical supplies, or product casings
Ensuring that our packaging not only looks and feels premium but also elevates your brand's image
Let's collaborate for a more sustainable future for all
The Full Decomposition Period
How Oxypac takes care of nature
1. Initiation and Moisture Absorption
The degradation process starts within approximately 180 days as the packaging absorbs moisture, softening its structure.
3. Metabolisation and Physical Breakdown
The simpler sugars are metabolised into carbon dioxide, water, and biomass, while environmental factors contribute to the physical breakdown of the packaging
2. Microbial Action and Enzyme Production
Microbial colonization occurs, leading to the production of enzymes that break down cellulose into simpler sugars
4. Complete Mineralisation and Assimilation
Over time, the material undergoes complete mineralisation, transforming into basic inorganic molecules that assimilate harmlessly into the environment
... and again!
This is the future of packaging
Package to impress with Oxypac
Smarter Product Packaging
100% Biodegradable
Get noticed by your customers
Microwave and Refrigerator safe
Ethically sourced
Cost-effective plastic alternative
Plant-based eco-fibre
Customisable for your brand
of Australians are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging
As Australia sets ambitious targets to make all packaging eco-friendly by 2025, time is running out for single-use materials.

Consumer attitudes are shifting, and they will increasingly remember — and choose — brands that are pioneers in sustainability. If this resonates with your business ethos, let Oxypac guide you towards a more sustainable future
Replacing wasteful packaging materials
As an alternative to plastic, foam or cardboard packaging, our customisable moulded eco-fibre solutions are a perfect match for large companies and established brands looking to highlight positive environmental values, without compromising packaging quality or budgets.
Our lab has researched the best and most advanced technologies in packaging production to create sustainable packaging solutions that can be used for your own unique purposes
Every brand has unique packaging needs
Design 3D Prototype
Push to production
We can customise every type of packaging imaginable – just tell us what you need, and we’ll create it in moulded eco-fibre. All in lightweight, sustainable options.
Sushi boxes
Product packaging
Medical supply packaging
Soup bowls
Takeaway containers
Protective containers
And more...
This is why Oxypac is committed to making branded sustainable options, customised for your business
Take a significant step towards a more sustainable future with Oxypac
Our research lab will create and customise your very own branded packaging. All the durability and functionality of plastic, foam and cardboard, minus the environmental impact and minus the costly expense
Single-Use Plastic
Moulded Fibre
Enjoy the benefits of technology
Up to 1000 years
12 weeks
Decomposition Time
Non-renewable gas, oil and coal
Renewable agricultural by-products
Source Materials
77% of Australians think this should be banned ASAP
Can influence 80% of Australians’ purchasing behaviours
Consumer Preference
Leaves microplastic residue
Completely degradable
Waste By-Product
Can be branded and custom-printed
Can be customised for product specifications
Microwave not recommended
Microwave and refrigerator-safe
Food Safety
Some can be recycled; but most end up in landfills
Can either be recycled or naturally composted
Offers varying levels of strength, depending on the plastic type
Durable and suitable for protecting fragile items
Choose less waste
Choose smart business
Choose moulded fibre
A unique packaging solution fit for
the unique needs
of every Australian business
Whatever your products are, there’s a sustainable, custom-made packaging solution for you with your partners at Oxypac
With its durable nature and shock-absorbing properties, moulded fibre is an ideal sustainable option for protective packaging.

Whether you’re packing electronics, glass bottles or other fragile items, Oxypac can customise moulded fibre packaging suited to your unique needs
Discover an eco-friendly way to present your food products to your environmentally-conscious consumers with moulded fibre food display packaging.

Manufactured from bamboo and sugarcane fibres, Oxypac moulded fibre packaging solutions provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to plastic, foam or cardboard
Disposable containers and single-use supplies are important to maintain the sterile environment in hospitals. At Oxypac, we make them eco-friendly too.

Our custom-made moulded fibre medical supplies are made of compostable material –
so they are safe both for patients and the environment
We know how important your brand image is. So, to help you get started on the journey towards sustainability, we offer a free sample packaging order made just for your brand. It’s our way of showing how much we care for the future of your business and the environment
See the oxypac difference
for yourself
In search of a bespoke packaging solution that you can be proud of? Look no further
How Oxypac creates eco-friendly alternative packaging solutions
You get a free sample to see if you like the packaging solution
We discuss your unique needs and design custom packaging for you
We perfect and manufacture your custom packaging in our in-house lab
Your business has a reliable supply of sustainable packaging
Oxypac is committed to pioneering cutting-edge single-use packaging solutions globally. We actively collaborate with industry leaders to contribute to a sustainable and environmentally conscious future, working towards a green and innovative tomorrow.
Our goal was clear: create an eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable alternative to plastic, with the lowest possible environmental impact. That’s how our custom-made moulded fibre packaging options came to be.
Today, we’re working towards making this sustainable packaging option the norm in Australia and beyond.
Management Team, Australia
Some of the specialists driving the brand forward
Dima Nikolenko
Graphic Designer
Kerry Gao
Managing Director
Anna Grebeniukova
Alex Vlassov
Head of Marketing
David Cao
Design Director
Nadia Boyko
Client Relations
Eugene Starukhin
Head of Design
Odella Liu
Product Manager
Suite 15 Level 4/88 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Moulded fibre packaging, also known as moulded pulp packaging, is a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials like plastic. It is made from natural fibres (at Oxypac, we use sugarcane and bamboo sourced from farms) which are processed to create packaging products.
Let your packaging reflect how future-focussed your brand is
If you want to show your customers that you care about the environment as much as you care about them, Oxypac moulded fibre packaging is the way to go.
Be the sustainable brand of choice
Sustainable environmental solution
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